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What We Do

Whether we are conducting Client Satisfaction Reviews or Proposal Win-Loss Analyses, we give our clients the insight and tools to drive revenue and profit growth. Our clients have told us they have “easily gotten a 10 to 1 ROI”, “improved profitability”, and “saved multi-million dollar a year clients.” Our clients achieve these results because FCW has the experience and tools to identify and help:


For the past 20 years, FCW has helped our clients to increase revenues and profits with our Client Satisfaction Reviews and Proposal Win-Loss Analyses. Each process employs our unique executive interviewing methodology which provides the voice-of-the-client, verbatim insight from each executive we interview. We provide concise and actionable reports plus a suite of management tools to help our clients maximize their revenue potential. And, because we are an independent, 3rd party, we provide the unbiased and unvarnished truth about client relationships and proposal pursuits.