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FCW has gathered together a specialized team of experienced consultants that is expert in interviewing C-Suite and other decision-making executives. Because we are independent, 3rd party, interviewers, we are uniquely able to ask the tough questions to ferret out what your clients and prospective clients really think about your strengths, weaknesses, and how you can improve. Besides, our research shows that 95% of the executives we have interviewed tell us that they prefer being interviewed by a 3rd party.

After working with the Gallup organization to develop the first-ever client satisfaction program for Ernst & Young, Franklin Consulting Works was established in 1995.  Since then, FCW  has helped  clients  in a wide range  industries to improve their business practices and business development efficiency. While we office out of Dallas, Texas, we have completed thousands of projects for our clients in 50 countries across 6 continents. We deliver powerful and quantifiable results, because assuring our clients' success is the best way to assure our own.

"Franklin has the key qualities I look for when choosing an outside business partner including intelligence, business intuitiveness, active listening skills, and experience. He is very comfortable interviewing and presenting to all levels of an organization, but excels with the C-suite… I would recommend him again without reservation."

                              ~ Amy Factor, Stratford 360


    A few industries we serve:


    > Healthcare

    > Architecture

    > Publishing

    > Information Technology

    > Real Estate

    > Actuarial

    > Managed Care

    > Accounting

    > Insurance

    > Financial Services

    > Engineering






    in all!

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