What Executives Say

About Their Vendors Using



Executives told us what they think of their

supplier for conducting the FCW interviews:


"They are the best at what they do and I think they care about what the client believes and wants.

I think that it’s great that they do it. I really do."


"That they actually care about what their clients think and what they want.

They want to improve their relationships with their clients,

and build long sustainable relationships. I think it is excellent."


 "I love the fact that they’re doing it. I think self-assessments are huge

for making sure that you’re on the right path.  If you intend to grow make sure

that the core clients that you have are happy."


  "It actually tells me a lot.  We put a lot of emphasis as a firm on client satisfaction.

So to me this tells me they really do care."


 "It tells me that they’re trying to stay on top of their game."


"It tells me a lot, frankly.  The only way to be responsive, and to be the

best, and to be excellent is to hear from clients, and be able to make adjustments if needed.

I think that’s a terrific thing."


"That they care.  They want to have a long term relationship.  I know it’s not cheap

and it takes time and effort. I’m impressed with that."


"I think that’s just smart business to better position themselves to continue to be productive and successful."


"I think that it is great. I think they want to keep their hands on the pulse of their

clients so that they can do whatever is necessary to keep us satisfied."


"I think it is very good that they do that."


"It tells me that they want to be seen as a partner

and they want to continue to enhance the relationship."


"I think they are very proactive.  They take this seriously.  It is very good.

We continue to be very impressed by Deloitte."


 "It’s good that they want to further improve the whole process. It’s a good thing."


The Importance

of using a

3rd Party Interviewer


Executives told us why it is important that interviews

are conducted by an independent, 3rd party:



 "I think an independent third party is the only way you’re going to get the true story.

I think it’s more likely that people are going to be more honest."


"I think that lends itself to an aspect of objectivity, and helps with credibility.

I think that if they were doing it themselves, you might

question the credibility of what their results might be."


 "If it’s a third-party, people can speak more candidly

and freely and they’re going to get better responses I believe."




"I think it is essential."



"It’s just so much easier to be frank and open with an independent person."


"I think that is always better to get a third party to do surveys than having somebody internal do it."



"They’ve engaged you as a third party and you’re not going to sugarcoat what you hear.

I think that is important.  I think they really want to know how to please their customer."



"This would lose all credibility if it was done by them."



 "I think that’s really the way that you get the most honest information.  I’ve been way

more frank with you than when I’ve talked to anyone from them."


"I think it helps to add the objectivity and confidentiality. It takes the

awkwardness of dealing directly with the company out of the picture."


"Kind of a necessity at this point. I don’t think I’d want to do it, otherwise."


"They take it seriously.  They are trying to improve."


"I think that is a very smart move on their part.  I think it gives them more accurate data!"